Adrian Memoir
Banned Paintings

Adrian Memoir first came to Prominence, a very, very small settlement on the outskirts of Gravelines, on the sage advice of his childhood friend Remi Nissan (they grew up together in Poverté - Belgium). Little is known about the reclusive painter and philosopher - except that he moves about a bit. Having taken a vow of silence in 2008 he now only communicates through his paintings - and Twitter. Although followers of Adrian on Twitter are often surprised at how little he has to say. The Banned paintings exhibited below are just a few of an apparently huge collection - unfortunately Adrian has a habit of burning them as soon as they are completed. It was Remi Nissan who brought Adrian Memoir to the attention of CQB - and it is CQB who systematically pops over to Gravelines to rescue the odd painting now and again. Adrian Memoir has no idea of this. 'The Banned' are thought to be a collective of anonymous rehabilitating musicians that Adrian used to see performing in the local cafes, hostelries and brothels during his chldhood...

All images © Adrian Memoir

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