The reclusive but happy Count as he is today
A.Count's Compendium

The immature world of Abacus Count has been much talked about for many years, with rumour and myth often obscuring reality. The Count has now compiled his 'compendium' which allows us an insight into his inner child.

As a young child, Abe was fascinated by animals and felt he had an affinity with them. He liked their innocence and felt he could trust them, and this was in stark contrast to how he saw his so called superiors and mentors. A trip to an inner city farm had a big impact on the small Count and he penned the poem There Are All Sorts Of Animals On This Farm, which clearly demonstrates the young Count's affection for his subjects, whilst showing his expansive imagination at play.

His continuing love of animals can be seen again in Welcome To The Dog House, a short story written much later in his life, and animals often feature in his unpublished anthology, Poetry for the Under-Developed.

Further insights into the development of Abacus Count can be gleaned from his recently released Journals. They perhaps shed some light on why he's always feared the harsh reality of growing up and becoming serious, cynical and lethargic. It's fair to say that the Count never really wanted to study at the school of life - he chose instead to play truant. We have only been allowed limited access to his journals but they cleary expose his attempts to develop prose, poetry and general musings into a serious writing profession. Although as yet unpublished the name 'Abacus Count' is already synonymous with the word 'fiction'.

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