CQB and his associates are fairly shy and refrain from any direct physical contact - at least until they've got to know you better. However, virtual contact via email would be most welcome.

We'd love to hear your views, observations and comments on the music and writings - but only if you say nice things. CQB is notoriously sensitive. Despite getting overwhelmingly positive criticism from all over the world, it only takes one negative to undermine his confidence and then you won't see him for days.

If you do contact us, please remember that the virtual letter box is quite small and large square or oblong articles often get damaged in transit. In line with the anti-terrorism act, suspicious looking packages with ticking sounds or wires sticking out will be destroyed before opening.

CQB will endeavour to reply to each and every contact but cannot guarantee it. If, as expected, millions of people send emails, then only those found to be offering a high level of praise is likely to not get lost. If you do not get an email back, please do not be offended or take it personally - but try again. He really does appreciate it!

We're very excited to announce that we have a special dedicated email address:

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