Congratulations on somehow finding your way to the quietly reclusive backwaters of Crazy Quilt Bouquet. This is not a place for those seeking high speed complexity, endless multiples of multi-tasking or thrills-a-second mayhem. Here you can take things at a relatively sedate pace, casually meandering around meaningful musings amusing yourself as and when you wish. So, if you're so inclined, recline, kill those apps and consoles, and console yourself with the riches and gems held within the slow and deliberate world of CQB...

First and foremost an introduction is in order. Crazy Quilt Bouquet are first and foremost a merry bunch comprised of one fragmented individual who knows many imaginary friends, artists and ne'er-do-wells. CQB's split personalities and alter-egos have been making what might loosely be called 'art', and several other things, since they were 10 years old - an age they still aspire to.

For immediate aural gratification use the player on the right - or you can click this and you will open a new window that enables you to listen to some tunes while you look through the rest of the site. You can also download songs for free from Jamendo. We have six original CQB videos available on our aptly titled video page. And round about here you can view some unexpected short film odditites made by unknown people for unknown reasons using CQB's music. Of course you can visit us on Facebook.

If your penchant is acrylic in nature, then why not spend a little time perusing some of the works on display in our galleries. We currently have the pleasure of showcasing the paintings of European artist Remi Nissan. His work is rarely seen in the public domain and we're very excited at being allowed to host the exhibition - Remi Nissan - artist in resistance. We have a small exhibition space featuring the Banned paintings of Adrian Memoir - artist and philosopher. And in our side galleries are some stunning tour photographs, drawings and paintings from the world famously unknown Doodle Sketchley.

If you're in the mood for something darker in hue, then why not visit our good friends Lulu and The Ofi Press. A lighter shade of pale can also be found through the writings of the ever avuncular Abacus Count.

The menu on the left will hopefully take you almost everywhere else you might want to go. About CQB has an interview that attempts to sort out the fact from the friction and the act from the fiction. News will give you the stories that matter from the past, present and occasionally the future. Discography catalogues all CQB's music and has study opportunities for those who like to read song lyrics. Reviews gives you the opportunity to see what other people think. Links will take you to related sites, different musicians, writers, artists and many other interesting things. And of course, we'd love to hear from you via the Contact page.

If you would like information on CQB's Policies and Procedures, then we suggest you follow the policy of proceeding to the Policies and Procedures page, where you will find all CQB's Policies and Procedures quite clearly laid out.

Please note that all, some, or none of the information on this site may be, or may not be, true or untrue. Any similarities to persons or others, real or imaginary, dead, alive or pending, known or unknown, are probably more than just coincidence (but may not be). If you have many concerns or require inquiry/enquiry information please click here.

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