Policies and Procedures
We feel the Policies and Procedures of Crazy Quilt Bouquet are laid out quite clearly. If clarification is required on any point or wording, please do not hesitate to contact your Citizens' Advice Bureau, visit a library or check a dictionary.

Health and Safety
We do not dispute that health and safety are quite good things to have. However, engagement with this site, and any other linked or related sites is entirely at the user's risk - not the provider. If you are at all unsure, neurotic or have leanings towards fear, anxiety or hypochondria, we suggest you wear a hard hat, safety goggles, an apron, and rubber soled boots when viewing these pages - that should just about cover it.

In the event of fire, proceed to panic immediately and leave this site by the nearest exit. If it's only a very small fire you could try putting it out first.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide something for nothing to those on a tight budget. Our statement is that we do not believe that nothing in life is free or that you necessarily get what you pay for.

Aims & Objectives
We aim very high and object to very little.

Fairly robust but with a tendency for colds to go to the chest and a propensity to absorb too much alcohol.

Equal Opportunities
Everything for everyone - preferably in equal measure.

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