Remi Nissan
artist in resistance

Remi Nissan is a revoluntionary painter born and raised in Poverté, Belgium. His mother is thought to have been a French baguette maker, his father a Japanese warrior. Crazy Quilt Bouquet first became aware of his work through a 'boutique de charité' in the town of Villeton, near Gay Paree. Apparently Remi was living above the shop and initially refused to come out of his studio flat to meet with CQB. On realising his work had finally been recognised by a fellow artist and revoluntionary he agreed to meet in Cognito, a cafe just down the boulevard. They agreed to agree terms and the terms agreed were that CQB could return to England with all of Remi's work and display it in any manner that he decided. Later, on that same boulevard, whilst playing boules it was also agreed that come the day of reckoning they reckoned they might ride in tandem through the Channel Tunnel to make their point. It is now considered that Remi Nissan is one of those genius types that got lost in the explosion and never recovered his equilibrium or attained his appropriate status. CQB has seen it as his duty to bring the hitherto unknown and not-even-forgotten-about paintings and decorative works to the attention of a disbelieving and frankly dubious public and assure, then reassure them of their astonishing value and pricelessness. Looking is free.

All images © Remi Nissan

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