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BBC Radio 6 - The Tom Robinson Show
The barking mad, howling world of Crazy Quilt Bouquet. Really one of the odder things we've heard all year.

BBC Radio Derby - Dean Jackson
Deeply enduring, deeply alluring, quite odd. It has a certain quality that is so rare to achieve in music.
I know who'll like that - Tom Robinson...

Richard O'Neill the Storyteller
A very talented man. Sure made my journey a nicer thing. I'm just loving this music.

CQB live up to their name with their music, which for much of the time defies any ready description (and appropriately, you never know quite what to make of it either). CQB is childlike rather than childish.
full review of 'You Never Know' and 'Midfielder'.

Time In
In this age of festivals and stadium gigs it's reassuring to know there are still good bands playing the smaller stage.

Music recorded with real instruments. CQB has an orignality and lyrical humour that's hard to put into words - just listen.

Rathole Radio (number 137)
Excellent track. It's a bit of a weird website.

Haven't you heard? If the overview of the inner vision counts for anything, then in our view CQB & his imaginary friends have been out of sight and sound for too long.

The Bug Cast (number 196) - Dave Lee
That was very good.

Bill's Music Forum
...the songwriting is solid and delightfully different with smart, quirky lyrics.
full review

BBC Radio Derby - Dean Jackson
A slightly mysterious outfit. Everything about them is fantastic. I absolutely love it.

Don't leave home without them!

Juicy Cuts
Oozes the kind of kitsch Belle and Sebastian would be jealous of.

Double Vision
Taken with a pinch of salt this band sound sweet.

BBC Devon
If you're looking for something original, independent, quirky, melodic, catchy, irreverent, harmonious and mildly eccentric - try CQB
BBC Devon

247 Magazine
Maintains a sense of self-mocking innocence. Lots of cultural references and plenty of inventive, tidily written tunes.
full review

There's no reason why these guys won't travel.

Toxic Pete
This guy, this musician, this band, this act completely exudes musical frivolity, not trite crap but educated observational, social commentary.
full review

Indie Pop
AMIF is a joyous high energy romp through a cohesive mess of glorious sound.

Starr Studios
'Big Man', is simply one of the best songs you will ever hear by anyone.
full review

The Bandwagon's all done in the best possible taste!

BBC Devon
His music is quirky, eccentric, melodic.
BBC Devon

247 Magazine
hope so is a curious album which veers from Robyn Hitchcock Ė esque reflection to acoustic whimsy, with some cute lyrical nuggets throughout.
full review

An Acquired Taste
Goes well with light meats, shellfish and the vegetarian option. In our opinion CQB should be on your menu.

The Grizzler
Great if you like that sort of thing. Unfortunately, we don't.

Web Spaced
Everything a good website shouldn't be but is...

Here, for your delectation, is a small
selection of comments from some happy punters

A one-man band must surely be allowed to blow his own trumpet.

I had a listen to Schitzaphroid on the You Never Know album--this is very, very cool.

The CD is fantastic Ė I smiled and laughed and rocked and swayed all the way to Leicester. I didnít want it to end, and then it didnít! Tremendous! (I was in the car).

This is not going to be a full critique - not least because we haven't listened to it yet!

Just been out in the sunshine listening to your CD. Youíre amazing Ė Iím a bit in awe. How do you do that?

Thanks very much for making the new album free to download... I still enjoy the CDs... CQB for world domination soon(ish) !

An adorable band with adorable songs.

Very likeable quotidian music. Gentle but honest appraisal of the all too human.

Usually one enters a web site confused and seeking info and come away from it informed with clarity of mind - my experience of yours was totally the opposite - went into it with clarity of mind - came out of it utterly confused and needing to seek help (lol) what an amazing experience :) thank you.

Have both enjoyed listening to it, and have been in awe of your verbal and melodic dexterity. If you'd had the same kind of dexterity in your hands you could have been a fantastic plumber. I personally liked the punk rock freak out of mango lassie and the nimble Spanish guitar fingering of - oh I can't remember the name - but I'm sure you know the one I mean.

A great, great thing - beautifully conceived and performed, a joy.

Sometimes, as songwriters, there is the moment to say what nobody else can say - or to say in song what you would dare not express in conversation. I think that's where CQB is coming from.

Been enjoying the CD. Your quirky rhymes often bring a smile, plus some more melancholic/reflective moments, which I like. Appetite I especially enjoyed and France. I find myself singing "Co-joined at the lips" - don't know what the bus passengers think.

I am totally digging 'Appetite'. Great song! CD was smiling at me when I came home, and I am still smiling back :)

Iíll just keep listening to it for the next six months until Iím utterly sick of it. Thatís all Iím saying.

Imaginative music from imaginary people - It doesn't get any groovier than that.

I have so much other stuff to do, but I canít stop clicking around and listening and reading.

The existing CDs have very nearly worn out.

Just a quick note to say that the CD arrived this morning - and an excellent play it is too... I'm glad I was intrigued enough to get it .

I had some trouble to choose one of all the yous, there are just too many around. Maybe this is the realest you? Or maybe not... Next time I will just close my eyes and click somewhere. Anyway, Iīm still enjoying listening to your "Music for ears" .

CQB songs are always full of anxieties and consternation that pile up on us in daily life. They're not always easy to listen to, as they are, for some of us, maybe a bit too honest. I really, really like that edge.

I like the way you go about things, and I think it's really cool that you use your page not just to promote your music, but to highlight causes you care about too. I like your tunes as well.

Dear Mr. Bouquet. Wow. The songs are stuck in my ears, and no small amount of peroxide-soaked cotton swabs are going to dislodge them.

Sirs, I daresay your lyrics are quite ingenious. I am not easily amused, being a time traveler who has witnessed the zany antics of famed court jesters and cavemen alike. Yet I find myself very nearly actually smiling as I listen to your fine, fine tunes.

Lookin' 4wards to listenin' to the CD. I really hope it's as good as I'd like it to be.

I got the Midfielder CD a while back. I absolutely adore Dog's Dinner. That tune is just genius with a capital gene.

A very open road you must've travelled dear boy.

Hey CQB! Don't underestimate your talent...I think you are quite good.

Surely the best £2 I've ever spent. On first listen, 'A Dream' and 'Dog's Dinner' are two of the best songs I've heard all year. And it's December. Dog's Dinner is total sheer unadulterated pop genius. I am very jealous and wish I'd written it! I can't wait to play it to everyone I know. There isn't a poor song on here! You've made my year.

We stumbled across your music and would like to pass on our compliments.

Top notch mate. Love 'em all! I can only dream of such consistent prolificness. All the best. PS - You can use that as a quote on any site you wish. Just credit it to Weller or someone, so that it carries more kudos. Respect man.

Doesn't sound all that bad actually.

I listened to your songs and it was great fun to do that. Very catchy melodies, yeah. A lot of thanks for that. Go on like that. Really cool songs, wow. Tomorrow Iīll listen again.

I love your sound. I also love that you are so polite.

I have to admit I had my doubts - but the CD is actually bloody good! Love it.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR MUSIC. I've got to get my husband to order the CD. He handles that stuff for me. And I want it signed.

I am not exaggerating when I say this, but for the first time in a long time I had a tear in my eye and a huge smile on my face when I heard your music.

I like you and your multiple personalities. Please give my regards to ALL of them.


I've enjoyed myself here - that's saying something.

My 14-year-old daughter says this is ĎWickedí. I also like it very much.

Saw Midfielder whilst trawling for music from my long gone past. What do you get for two quid nowadays? Well on this occasion I got a cracking cd full of melodic humour, with witty lyrics. Result, one happy 57 year old.

Certainly more talented and more pleasing to the ear than most of the shite in the charts these days.

*LoVe* it! It's truly fabby and not at all what I was expecting.

Refreshing. I actually bought it as a present for a friend but hey, they can have some socks instead.

Didn't expect to say this, since most music sucks. But your music is pretty cool.

Your music is smile big music! When you're busking we'll throw some money in your woolly hat!

I've got a woolly hat ... no seriously I have! I crocheted it myself. I love your songs, very quirky, lively and very bloody catchy!

It's 1.30 in the morning. Around 9, as there was nothing on tv, I thought I'd check out that CQB Band I used to listen to a lot. What are they up to now, I thought. Four and a half hours later and I'm still finding out - video slideshows, new songs, blogs, acoustic and instrumental versions. I feel like I am living inside the songs. Stone cold sober by the way.

What fantastic poppy songs you got here, my head moves from the right to the left and in the other way round.

Itís good to see the old punk rock tradition of D.I.Y. marketing and distribution is still alive and kicking.

You see I've come by! And well, I really love your songs and ways boy. No jokes.

You remind me of a much more prolific and instrumentally talented version of myself. Much kudos is due sir, the quality is relentless.

I am chuckling at myself right now. I do that frequently. I popped round to your page and was impressed by what I heard - but better than impressed - I ENJOYED myself there.

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